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keyboard sandbox dungeon maker thing.

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This, this right here is awesome! I wanna add so much to this but i have no idea how to code, like, a melee option, extra platforms, traps, lava, arrows, bigger player models, homing missiles, a slider so you don't have to click the key over and over, extra themes/skins, pre-generated levels, ooo i bet this game could really take off! :D


On Linux, executable files don't work


This is a compliment (nice game)


Very Original ! Good job !

how do i start?



I think it's cool but I'm not able to give much of an opinion thought because after half an hour it still wouldn't start on the newest Ubuntu version.

I would say my rating, 8.5/10 

Cool concept! It's a shame, that there is no campaign. I can also see this being interesting if you flip the roles around. I'll see if there is a way to iterate on the concept.

what button is the crown??????

this is a button "TAB"



i have a mac...


My anti-virus blocked this. Said It was very harmful. Do not download.


Yes windows blocks all games not made with Unity... Just skip the warning. its bullsh*t because you won't find a virus on itch


No Norton blocked it. 


I played it and its not a virus. I make games myself and my friends have the same problem when they try my games.

Fair enough.

I know I'm almost a year late, but I believe it happened because the developer didn't sign their game. Signing a game requires a license, which costs money, which is why a lot of smaller games get flagged.

Yep thats it

its not. its actually really fun!

no mac port ;(

i really like the concept but adly it doesn't work fully on danish keyboards



I really hope that you improve this concept and make even something better. Great game jam entry. 


the crown is the place that u have to get to to wi

I'm on Linux, using the itch app. When I hit launch, nothing happens.

Open the game folder (should be ~/.config/itch/apps/KEYGEON/KEYGEON) and the ./runner

My guess is that itch is running KEYGEON_install.sh that is on the parent folder

This is a really creative small game! XD

This is a really well made game ! ( Sory for my bad English T_T)

Thank you! (And your English is fine! ^_^)b )


Dude, this game is so much fun for what it is! Good job! :D


Thank you!!

the downoad fails upon comletion

(1 edit)

That's strange... Maybe itchio's servers are down or something. It could possibly be an anti-virus program stopping it as well.

Try again later?

Great idea for a game and very well executed!

Thank you!!