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keyboard sandbox dungeon maker thing.

@omrii_ SHOWDOWN

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Arcade, blocks, one-hit-kill, Sandbox


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KEYGEON v2.exe 2 MB
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mac version?


Cool concept you should finish this up maybe add a campaign then you could add it to steam


you gotta fix whatever's going on with the linux install, but i really do enjoy this game. you should work on it some more and maybe make an expanded version that costs money. 


This, this right here is awesome! I wanna add so much to this but i have no idea how to code, like, a melee option, extra platforms, traps, lava, arrows, bigger player models, homing missiles, a slider so you don't have to click the key over and over, extra themes/skins, pre-generated levels, ooo i bet this game could really take off! :D


On Linux, executable files don't work


This is a compliment (nice game)


Very Original ! Good job !

how do i start?



I think it's cool but I'm not able to give much of an opinion thought because after half an hour it still wouldn't start on the newest Ubuntu version.

I would say my rating, 8.5/10 

Cool concept! It's a shame, that there is no campaign. I can also see this being interesting if you flip the roles around. I'll see if there is a way to iterate on the concept.

what button is the crown??????

this is a button "TAB"



i have a mac...


My anti-virus blocked this. Said It was very harmful. Do not download.


Yes windows blocks all games not made with Unity... Just skip the warning. its bullsh*t because you won't find a virus on itch


No Norton blocked it. 


I played it and its not a virus. I make games myself and my friends have the same problem when they try my games.

Fair enough.

I know I'm almost a year late, but I believe it happened because the developer didn't sign their game. Signing a game requires a license, which costs money, which is why a lot of smaller games get flagged.

Yep thats it

norton is a huge sellout. most of the stuff that software detects as a virus is only labeled as such because they aren't shilling out dough. my dads website for his business got flagged by norton as dangerous to visit. 

its not. its actually really fun!


no mac port ;(

i really like the concept but adly it doesn't work fully on danish keyboards



I really hope that you improve this concept and make even something better. Great game jam entry. 


the crown is the place that u have to get to to wi

I'm on Linux, using the itch app. When I hit launch, nothing happens.

Open the game folder (should be ~/.config/itch/apps/KEYGEON/KEYGEON) and the ./runner

My guess is that itch is running KEYGEON_install.sh that is on the parent folder

This is a really creative small game! XD

This is a really well made game ! ( Sory for my bad English T_T)

Thank you! (And your English is fine! ^_^)b )


Dude, this game is so much fun for what it is! Good job! :D


Thank you!!

the downoad fails upon comletion

(1 edit)

That's strange... Maybe itchio's servers are down or something. It could possibly be an anti-virus program stopping it as well.

Try again later?

Great idea for a game and very well executed!

Thank you!!