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How to get castle map?

Wait for me to release the game ;-)

NICE animation! music is lovely. FX are working good,.

Win7, no problems, fullscreen ok. Alt+F4

1P : AS  GH


The Windows version suffers from the same problem that Downwell has with fullscreen and Windows 10, halp pls, pretty cool game btw.

Can you be specific? I'm guessing that you're referring to the pixels not scaling properly...? Also what about Win10 specifically?  Because I'm also running Win10!

Oh, didn't knew it wasn't common, i'm talking about fullscreen mode only showing a black screen, but the sound is going well, so it means that it's still running, i have that same problem in Downwell, so i have to play in windowed mode. not sure if it's only me... uwu

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Oh, and im testing doing the workarounds that people have found to that problem in Downwell...

Running the game with Windows 7 compatibility mode solves it.

EDIT: in any compatibility mode, from XP SP2... :P

That's interesting. I wonder why that is...

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!
I'll look into it.

Thanks to you for your time.

And your games are awesome! :3

Not XP compatible :\

Also when a player falls nothing really happens, is that supposed to happen, or is it just me?

The game will only start when two players fall down/ready up!

it freezes after a while... FIX IT!

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I've played for a few good hours and the game hasn't froze on me once...

Did you do anything specific?

Well I played around by my self waiting for my bro, then it froze, I mean, nothing too big, just kinda annoying.


Funny game, nice graphics.
Is freeze on kill is on purpose? If yes remove it ;)
We can choose the same color twice.
There's no reward on kill so player can wait until others lose their lives.

You mention a MacOS build, but there isn't a download for it.

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The build I uploaded wasn't working for whatever reason. GM:S has this odd bug where if you don't compile with a certification then the game crashes when you run it. I've been looking for a solution all day and hopefully I'll get it up soon! If I can get around compiling with no certification then I'll shill out the 100 bucks for Apple's dumb program thing.

That certainly explains why I don't see more GM:S games having Mac builds. Thanks for the explanation!

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I finally had some time to fix that bug. Apparently Mac builds only play nice in GM:S versions 1.99.5xx+. They actually create the project in Xcode this time! I tested it a few times so hopefully nothing terrible happens lol. If you're still interested in playing and find any bug please let me know and I'll start fixing ASAP! Thank you for being patient!! ^_^)b

EDIT: Scratch that. Something's still wrong. Give me a few and I'll try to fix it real quick.

OK! Should work now. Only thing you have to do is move it from your "Downloads" directory to your Desktop directory (If you don't you'll get a "Unable to find game!!" error. I'm not sure why this bizarre bug is happening but I'm working on it. Thank you for your patience!